GIFT RAP 8/23/20

Chris Reid
1 min readAug 24, 2020



Every in once in a while I gotta take a glance,

In my rearview to see how far I’ve advanced,

How I made it even though I had to take a chance,

And (how) I developed through every single circumstance!

Every single hitch along the way has made me stronger,

Every single ditch I fell in, was able to conquer!

Every single stitch of Favor He gave me was Honor!

Every single Blessing and Lesson made me a monster!

I’m never gonna claim every step I’ve taken was easy,

I’m never gonna blame direction He’s taken to lead me!

I’ll never just follow the path of the ones that precede me!

I’ll never turn my back on my passion, believe me!

If I’ve gotta walk alone, I’m willing to do it!

If I gotta leave my home, He’s leading me through it!

If I’m facing the unknown, He’ll help me subdue it!

When it’s all said and done look back and review it!

To be continued…

By: Christopher Louis Reid