DEFINITION (A Lyrical Poem)

Chris Reid
1 min readApr 24, 2022




Look me in the eyes, and tell me what you see,

Are you perceiving Jesus’s Love, or is it infamy?

Because if you’re not witnessing The Spirit instantly,

That means I need to get to work on my consistency!

The Spirit’s lifting me to places I could never reach,

That’s why I fill my rhymes with lines that I could never preach,

Behind a pulpit! The culprits out there running the streets,

May hear the beat, then it’s too late! No escaping the heat!

Indiscreet is how we treat Wisdom; it’s made for sharing!

Just like the life we live, our trials are made for preparing,

Us for Eternity so beautiful there’s no comparing,

So, you’ll forgive me if my certainty is overbearing?

I’m trying to live The Commission! Listen, this is my mission,

To wrap my fist around a pen and then cause a collision,

Between a spirit imprisoned and the Power of Provision,

Implementing Forgiveness! This is Treasure’s Definition!

By: Christopher Louis Reid