23. It was by faith that Moses’ parents hid him for three months when he was born. They saw that God had given them an unusual child, and they were not afraid to disobey the king’s command.

Hebrews 11:23 NLT

Today’s passage continues on with the Profiles on Faith that the author is illustrating and for the next Profile, he casts his light upon one of the most Faithful characters that the Bible chronicles for us; Moses.

Now, as this entire Chapter is chock full of “Meaty” goodness, my plan over the next several days, is to break down each particular instance that the author highlights, in order to give proper perspective to the effects that Faith had throughout Moses’s life both from the position of his parents and himself.

Let’s begin with the Faith his parents. In order to do so let me first give a little background as to the situation, Moses was born into. Yesterday the author mentioned Joseph and the fact that the Children of Israel were slaves in Egypt.

How was it that God, if He had Promised Abraham and his offspring that they would become a great nation, allowed them to become slaves in a land that considered them enemies? Wouldn’t this seem counterproductive to His Pledge?

Well, as I’ve mentioned multiple times throughout these Commentaries, we do not know or understand the Mind of God. What we consider a negative and untenable situation is often God’s incubator or crucible, cooking up the perfect conditions to Fulfill is Word to us.

This is precisely why Faith in God is so crucial to our Walk with Him. Without it, we will look at all the situations in our lives only as they are currently, not as the unimaginable circumstances God Plans to transform them into. Trust is a must because we cannot see what He Sees.

This is exactly the situation the descendants of Abraham find themselves in. They have become slaves to the superpower of the day; Egypt. This is even after Joseph has ushered the country out of a terrible famine and into prosperity.

The current Pharoah had forgotten about Joseph’s contribution and only sees the threat that the Jews pose to Egypt’s future and sovereignty. But why is this? What could the Pharoah possibly see in the descendants of Abraham, this band of vagabond foreigners that makes him fear them enough to enslave them?

He fears their numbers! In the several hundred years they have been living comfortably in Egypt, God has already prospered them so greatly that they have become the nation He had Promised! The only thing that is missing is the Land He has Pledged to them.

What the Pharoah feared was their quite obvious Godly Potential. This is something all of us who Receive the Favor of God have but so few of us really understand the impact of it. This is exactly where our lack of Faith is exposed the most.

Because we can’t see the Potential of God’s Favor, we can’t Perceive the Possibilities of what He can Make us. However, others can often see it clearly. Have you ever wondered why you are receiving so much hate and opposition when you know God has made a Promise to Bless you? It may be because people see your Potential and are afraid of it.

The Pharoah fears the Jews are growing so powerful and numerous that they may well take over his own kingdom one day, not knowing that God has already Promised them their own Land. His actions against them stem from his inferiority complex seeing their Great Potential.

So, he acted in an extreme way. He made them slaves but even this had no effect. They prospered even more once they were enslaved. The Pharoah was so distraught that his actions became even more extreme and he ordered that every male child born should be put to death.

Moses’s parents refused to allow their son to die so they hid her pregnancy and his birth and put him into a basket in the Nile river praying for his safety. Now, if you are aware of just how dangerous a plan this was you really begin to see just how much Faith Moses’s parents really had.

There is a creature called a Nile crocodile that would have made a light snack out of a newborn baby. There were also hippos and all manner of other animals that could have killed the child, not to mention the Pharoah’s soldiers. But through their Faith Moses’s parents believed that God would Protect him…and He did.

The basket was found by none other than Pharoah’s own daughter and she took him as her own son believing that the gods had blessed her. However, she couldn’t nurse him so she found a Jewish family to do it…Moses’s family!

As his mother nursed him and taught him who he was and about the Promise God had Made them, Moses grew up into a strong child, full of Potential. Once he was weened and returned to Pharoah’s daughter, his True Potential became clearly evident but that is a story for another day.

It was the Faith of Moses’s mother that saved him and gave him the opportunity to live but it was God’s Providence and Favor that allowed for this all to occur in the first place. Even when we can’t see the positive outcome, we must cling to our Faith in God. It may not happen in our lifetime but if He Made a Promise, He will Fulfill it, you can bank on it! Just look at the story of Moses.

Have a wonder-Inducing Wednesday and Stay Safe out there!