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Single Shot


2. Have mercy upon me, O LORD; for I am weak: O LORD, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

Psalm 6:2 KJV

Alright, I finally have the time to submit another post, so here we go! Have you ever been so troubled by a situation you’re facing that it felt like a physical pain was coursing through you, even into your bones?

So, look, not that this makes you any better or worse than anyone else, but there are those of us who have felt this kind of pain. There are things that are so injurious to one’s spirit that they cause physical detriment from mental, emotional, or spiritual stresses.

There are those who The Lord has Called, who have His Blood applied to their lives, or who God has His Hand on, and when those individuals stray from God’s Will, there are always consequences.

Sometimes those consequences will come in the form of things not working out in your life. You do what you believe is right and take all of the precautions, but things fall apart as if you were completely unprepared.

Other times, the discomfort comes in something more internal, something more tangible. When you fall away from a God who has Plans for your life, oftentimes, He does what it takes to get your attention and place you back on track.

That may take the form of Guilt or Conviction felt deep within the most private and vulnerable portion of our psyche. That is what the author, King David, felt when he penned this Passage.

He was in distress, surrounded by enemies on every side, and in violation of God’s Law; the trifecta of trouble! But the remarkable thing about David is that whenever he found himself in a position like this, he did not just stay there.

Oh, no! David was a man after God’s own Heart. That meant that when he inevitably made mistakes, which we all will, he felt the Guilt of his misdeed and immediately repented. But that did not mitigate the feelings of Guilt or the pain that came with them.

They were the catalyst of his transformation. The discomfort was what motivated him toward change. But today, any time we feel Guilt, we think it’s something to be overcome and ignored or at least disregarded as something that is negative to our overall health. But nothing could be farther from the Truth!

In reality, God uses the Remorse and Contrition we feel to alert us to our potential failure and ultimate destruction. Sin causes death, so aversion to sin is our ticket to Eternal Life. Still, the pain is real and should never be ignored when it comes. That’s how sin can quickly become a health issue. Stress hormones cause illness; that’s just science. So, Repentance and Forgiveness is the best natural remedy.

So, there you go. Are your bones vexed? Try Repentitall! Works every time!

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