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Chris Reid
3 min readNov 11, 2020

24. Remember, the sins of some people are obvious, leading them to certain judgment. But there are others whose sins will not be revealed until later.

25. In the same way, the good deeds of some people are obvious. And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light.

1 Timothy 5:24–25 NLT

Today’s passage is interesting to me, not because of what Paul is telling Timothy but when he is telling him. He has just covered admonitions on both when to ordain a new Leader, and how to take care of himself to prevent stomach issues while in Ephesus.

What comes next is Philosophical Doctrine on the Works of an individual and where it is placed, at the end of this Chapter, after the two former Verses, suggests that Paul is telling Timothy that although what he is suggesting may sound like a slippery slope, a man’s integrity (or lack thereof) can be seen clearly regardless of how they may try to conceal it.

Paul tells Timothy that some people’s transgressions are so obvious that they can’t hide them. Those people are judged immediately and cannot deny their wrongdoing because it stands out like a red nose on the face of a clown. He goes on to say that there are others whose sins are not revealed immediately and who seem to get away with them. Rest assured, however, they will not!

The next Verse, Paul says the same thing about “Good Works”, which is obviously the opposite of sin. He tells Timothy that like sins, some people’s Good Works are clear and obvious. But then he says that even secret Good Works will come to light eventually. Even the things a person does that they think no one sees will be Rewarded someday before all.

This is obviously Good Doctrine that most Christians, and for that matter, most people know to be true. But why does Paul place these statements after Verses talking about ordination, sin, and wine for health’s sake?

I believe that he is calming any fears Timothy may have about appearing to be sinful as he cares for his own health and deals with the perceptions of transgressions stemming from another’s misdeeds. As far as ordination goes, there will always be pressure to place some popular individuals into positions of power regardless of their actual worthiness of the office. If their sins are present, even if they try to hide them, they will come out, and the actions of the Leader that kept them from elevation will be justified.

As far as the wine for health goes, Paul may be telling Timothy that in spite of how some who see him drinking wine for medicinal purposes may perceive it, if he is Full of Good Works, the Truth will always emerge and he will be Judged, not for perceptions but for actions.

The evil in men’s hearts will always come out, even if it is after the fact. And the Good a man does will be Judged as well. God sees the True Heart of an individual and will Judge that, whether others see it or not. Perceptions are not always Truth and God sees all.

This is an encouragement to those who do good and an indictment for all those who practice wickedness. Paul knows Timothy’s heart and therefore he is encouraging him with his words. He is also giving him strength to deal with his discernment as it comes to elevating elders within the Church.

We see here in this Passage that there is a lot more to being a Christian Leader than it may initially appear. Paul, as always, is preparing Timothy to be an effective Leader amongst the difficult climate that was Early Christianity. Good Leaders prepare Good Leaders.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and Stay Safe out there!




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