Chris Reid
1 min readJul 30




If my life is a Witness, and my Eyes are a Lens,

Then my Testimony’s only where my Story begins!

So Recording Blessings and Trials is more than a trend,

Cause it’s Essential to my Temple and my Ultimate End!

I use my Pen to Craft The Epic for my foes and my friends,

So you can see my Broken Pieces, how they Perfectly Mend,

Into a Surface that Reflects Perception, Light as it Bends,

To Reproduce the Cinematic Values Mercy Portends!

So as you’re watching my Story, understand it extends,

Beyond my insufficiency to where His Sovereignty Sends,

My Flawed Conception of His Lessons, my Perspective is Cleansed,

So I can see that I’m a Giant, not a Grasshopper pinned,

There to convince the passing masses that my Vision is Thin,

Because the Blinders I find on my eyes Constricted the Fringe!

Too Wide a View causes Distraction whose Diversions Infringe,

Upon my Testimony, but only if I don’t Check my Lens!

By: Christopher Louis Reid