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Single Shot


5. Their ways always seem prosperous. Your judgments are on high, far away from them. They scoff at all their enemies.

Psalm 10:5 ISV

Today’s Passage is another Single Shot Verse in which David is pouring out his emotional grievance to God concerning the prosperity of his enemies. In the last two Passages, David mentioned the characteristics and behaviors of the individuals troubling him.

As we continue with his description, David paints a clear portrait of the types of individuals and actions we should be ready for. As we Study God’s Word, it would behoove us to pay close attention to such portrayals because they prepare us to fight against them when we recognize them.

Imagine going into a fight and not knowing which of the individuals facing you is your opponent. You enter the ring and have no clue where the first blow will be coming from because you do not know your opponent.

Imagine whoever your adversary is, has been plotting, planning, and preparing for this battle for months. They know your every move and tactic. They have watched the film and have developed both a strategy and a contingency while you are fighting blind.

That is why it is so vitally imperative to Read and Meditate on the Word cause that’s where all our battle tactics stem! You don’t go into a war without a plan, or you wind up looking like the Russian army’s push against Kyiv. It will fail.

As we look at David’s description, I’d like to highlight several points. The first is that the wicked seem to enjoy success in all their endeavors, even sometimes in their attacks against us! If I’m being honest, as a Christian, that is a little disconcerting, especially when triumphs in our undertakings seem so few and far between.

But there is something that we as Christians often forget when we see the wicked prospering. There is Judgment coming! Every success of the wicked won off another person’s pain, deception, or devastation will come with a price. That price will not be payable, it will take a life to reimburse, and it will be far too late to try to pay by then.

Success won of immorality is fleeting at best and will net Hell for those who prosper from it. But that is not the only trait David spells out for us in this Verse. He tells us why these individuals believe their actions to be justified. “Your judgments [LORD] are on high, out of his sight [so he never thinks about them];”

If you didn’t know God or His Commandments, hated His followers, and had no clue about the consequences of your actions against them, you might be tempted to be like they are. We stay in God’s Word to avoid this kind of fatal mistake because simply knowing God is a deterrent against wickedness, and in turn, Death!

Their successes so delude the wicked that they aren’t even afraid of their enemies. They have never lost, so they don’t think they even can lose. But if you’ve ever watched a perennial winner fall from their lofty heights, you’ll know just how woeful it can look. And if you’ve ever lost those exalted statures, you know just how devastating it can be.

That is the fate of every wicked individual who refuses to repent. Evil will not prosper forever. Why God allows any of them to thrive at all is a subject for another commentary. But know this, the wicked will get their just deserts! It is only a matter of time. Stay in your lane; the finish line is right around the corner!

Have a Spectacular Sunday and Remember, The Grass Looks Greener Cause They Use Spray Paint!

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