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Single Shot


11. The wicked think, “God isn’t watching us! He has closed his eyes and won’t even see what we do!”

Psalm 10:11 NLT

Today’s Single Shot is the final portion of this Chapter dealing with David’s lament over his enemy’s seeming prosperity and his identification of their injurious actions. After this, we’ll get into his actual request to God and what David wanted Him to do about it.

But before we get to that, let’s look at the last item on David’s Character Traits of the Wicked list. We’ve looked at how these people act, think, and plot; now, let’s explore a bit of the reasoning behind their false confidence.

How in the world can wicked, debauched individuals believe they can get away with the attacks they launch against others? Most of us would balk at the thought of lying in wait, lurking in the darkness, waiting for a hapless victim to rob and murder. But these people live for the thrill.

They plot muggings, carjackings, rape, murder, theft, and anything else that can gain them what you have without asking or paying for it. They are predators who target the weak because they are too fearful and cowardly to go after healthy victims that can fight back. They are ambush assailants who would never confront anyone like a man because they aren’t real men.

But what could cause someone who is essentially just like you or me to believe their actions are not subject to God’s Judgment? The KJV explains it like this, “He hath said in his heart, God hath forgotten: he hideth his face; he will never see it.”

So, in explanation of why the Wicked do what they do, it is delusion in plain and simple! Anyone who thinks that God is blind, ignoring their actions, or that He’s seen them but doesn’t care or has forgotten is a fool! They have been taken in a strong delusion. It is a fantasy crafted by Lucifer to draw the prideful and those not focused on God away from the true reason for their creation.

The Wicked think that there will never be any consequences because they’ve gotten away with their plots and violence. The world has forgotten God’s Power, but He hasn’t forgotten anything! He not only sees everything we do, but He’s Recording it for the Judgment. All the people out there doing whatever they please will have a rude awakening when they stand before Him and have to give an account for everything they’ve done.

Standing before the smoldering righteous anger of a Blameless God, where will their Pride be then? And where will the enemy be? He’ll be laughing. Satan’s fate is sealed by his betrayal. His only desire at this point is to get as many of us to join him in his punishment as he can before it is all over.

He is good at his job. Think I’m wrong? Okay. Look at how many people refuse to believe God is real, let alone give Him the Honor and Glory He deserves. Now tell me the enemy isn’t winning!

But we know Who holds the Final Victory, the One Who sees all we’re doing even when we think we’ve gotten away with it. He is not letting any of us off the hook. Why? Because He’s already paid the Price for our sins, which required blood as payment. He paid that debt with His own Life. So, why would you ever think, after having paid that high a price, that He’d ever just forget and be alright with our Wicked actions?

Don’t be deluded! Not only is God watching, but we’re all going to have to give an account for our actions. But here’s the incredible part of God’s Plan, He’s left us all a way to escape Judgment!

Every human being is born into sin because of Adam’s original transgression. When Lucifer duped him into eating the fruit, he acted exactly like David was complaining to God about his enemies behaving. So, it’s in our nature. But Jesus left us His Spirit when He ascended to help us fight back against our enemies, including the one in our own heads telling us there’s no recompense for our sins!

We all deserve punishment for our transgressions, but Jesus Paid the Price for us! All we have to do is acknowledge His Sacrifice, turn away from our sin, and accept Him. Sounds easy, right? But then, why are so many of us still rejecting Him?

One word. Pride.

It all comes back to the enemy manipulating our humanity. To combat this, we must know his tactics. Thank God that He allowed David to go through this, or we’d have a much harder time identifying these Traits, and if you don’t know your enemy, how can you ever hope to fight him?

Have a Thought-Provoking Thursday and Never Forget That Your Trials May Come To Help Someone Else Make It Through!

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