Single Shot


9. Like lions crouched in hiding, they wait to pounce on the helpless. Like hunters they capture the helpless and drag them away in nets.

Psalm 10:9 NLT

Today’s Single Shot returns us to David’s prayer of desperation to The Lord in which he profiled the Attributes of his detractors. His complaint stretched beyond his own trials and seemed to encompass more than just what he was facing himself.

David’s grievance gives us an excellent view of what the actions of a reprobate mind are capable of, and frankly, it is terrifying. If we had to face this kind of opposition, like David, we too, would be inclined to cry out to God for His Assistance.

Let’s take a look at today’s Character Traits of the Wicked and see if we can find a parallel in today’s society. David says that the Wicked act like apex predators lurking in wait for a hapless victim upon which to pounce.

They are bloodthirsty and couldn’t care less about whether or not someone gets hurt in the process of their treachery. In fact, violence is often the point, or at the very least, it is an active component of their plots.

And once these individuals have bowled over their staggered prey, they tie them up and take them to whatever lurk they frequent to do their worst in hidden corners. This is what David was facing when he prayed this prayer!

But how does this parallel with our lives as Christians today? We are not dealing with the same threats of impending violence and death that David was. Though there are plenty out there acting as David described, because of the Protections afforded us by The Spirit, we rarely have to deal with this kind of threat.

However, these same dangers come against us in other forms. The advent of modern policing and “civilized society” has ostensibly ended the kind of things David referred to in this Passage. But that doesn’t mean we get off scot-free!

Our enemy uses the exact same tactics as he did in David’s day, but now he comes at us in the spiritual realm. Though David had to deal with the threat of physical violence from the shadows, at least he had an opportunity to see his enemies. We must deal with spiritual wickedness from high places that we often never see coming.

But Praise God that we have an Advocate in The Father who told us He is Willing to Fight for us if we call on Him! The All-Powerful God of Creation Promised to go before us in our distress, taking on the enemy of our souls! With that kind of Protection, what do we really have to fear but the unknown?

If we truly Trust God, our Faith will show in our fearlessness. Even facing unknown terrors threatening to tear us limb from spiritual limb, we can be utterly at Peace because we know Who Fights for us!

Knowing how the enemy targets us is invaluable when the attacks are invisible and aimed at our weakest, most vulnerable parts, the parts that we keep hidden to protect them from prying eyes. To know what to look for puts us in the perfect position to repel the temptations that are today’s enemies of our souls.

The attacks we face may not be evident at first, but with study and experience against our foes, we can learn how to overcome even our most formidable opponents by exercising our Faith. With God in us, we are not helpless victims!

You have what you need to win; now, all you have to do is fight to win! We have access to the Power, the Strategy, and the Ability to be Victorious. The real question is; will we use it, or will we fall victim to the ambush?

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Study To Show Yourself Approved, Or You May Be Going Into War Unprepared!

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Chris Reid

A lifelong poet and lyricist, and aspiring novelist, who’s taken to heart the old adage, “Only what you do for Christ shall last.”