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Single Shot


14. But you see the trouble and grief they cause. You take note of it and punish them. The helpless put their trust in you. You defend the orphans.

Psalm 10:14 NLT

We’ve been covering Chapter Ten of the Book of Psalms, where David elicits God’s assistance against the enemies who sought to claim his life. In his prayer to God for aid, David has left us with the Perfect Blueprint for Gaining God’s Favor in our times of trouble.

He has shown us that it is alright to cry, confront, and even at times, scream to God in our distress. When we are most vulnerable and defenseless, God understands our emotions and accepts our requests; however, we may present them.

As a matter of fact, He is so concerned with supplying our needs that in Romans 8:26, He notifies us of a method to forgo even coherent words as we cry out to Him. He still expects Respect, but He gets desperation. He was here to experience it Himself.

So, then, if God has given us the ability to communicate with Him without even having to speak our needs, why bother to ask at all? Easy answer: God longs for a relationship with us. That was the point of our Creation in the first place; He made us to commune with Him.

In Today’s Verse, David gives us another bit of insight into how God works and how we can tap into His Power and His Desire to assist us in our trouble. God already sees all and knows about our trials, so why do we have to articulate them?

It is to define the parameters of His action. God can do whatever He pleases, but He needs us to understand that when He acts, it is decisive. Therefore, being specific, precise, and explicit with the detail of our requests is paramount, not for His benefit but ours.

When we explain our needs in precise detail, we put a fine point on His focus, and we begin to understand the depth of our request. Here’s how David did it. He detailed his problem and the individuals causing it in great detail. Now, he lets God know that he is aware of His Power and ability and has Faith that He can and will do as requested.

That is an integral part of this process of prayer and trial. We must display our Knowledge of God’s ability and our Faith in His capability. Here that is done by stating God’s competence and capacity back to Him. Now, He knows that we know His Aptitude.

Now, when we ask for what we want, which is the next step, God knows that we are in the right headspace for the Application of His Favor. And that Favor may require patience as He works out all the gritty details. But that is part of the process too.

God sees our troubles, and He punishes the Wicked for their deeds. Those who are poor and weak or facing adversity commit themselves to Him because they know He is the only place they will find rest. God is the Helper of those in Need, but to call on Him requires Knowledge of exactly how to Activate His Power.

David shows us how to get God’s attention, but it is up to us to study and apply it to our situation. A cursory skim of these Verses will not net you the Knowledge required to pull this off. It takes examination, concentration, and diligence with these Tactics to emerge Victorious! So, the question becomes, are you a victim or a winner?

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Remember, It Takes Tactics To Win A War!

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