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Single Shot


15. Break the arms of these wicked, evil people! Go after them until the last one is destroyed.

Psalm 10:15 NLT

Today’s Passage brings us back to the Tenth Psalm and David’s prayer of desperation and supplication to the Lord. Before I get to it, I want to apologize for the long time between posts. I’ve been out of town and cell service, but DAILY WORD is back…till it’s not.

As we began this Chapter, we saw David ask God why He separated Himself from him. He faced enemies who sought to take his life and destroy his potential. David profiled the actions and attitudes of these individuals in his prayer, providing us with one of the best catalogs of the Character Traits of the Wicked that exists in the Bible.

As a matter of fact, most of this Chapter is David’s take on his haters. He sees their actions and points them out to God, hoping to ignite His Righteous Indignation and Judgment. But David isn’t content with simply listing his detractor’s characteristics. He has brought his petition to God for a very specific reason.

We see in Verse Twelve that David begins his appeal to The Lord, directly requesting His intervention. Then in Verse fourteen, he “reminds” God how desperately His creations depend on Him.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with quoting Scripture back to God. That is a tactic that many of us do not utilize to our detriment. It is proof of our Knowledge of His Word and of our Faith in His Ability to alter our situations, and it is admittedly a practice that I need to engage in more often.

However, David does not stop there. He has come to God for relief from his enemies, and he has a precise idea of how it may be accomplished. David asks God to go after his enemies, pursuing them doggedly until there is not a single one of them left to harass him when He is finished.

As wonderful as this Passage is at giving us a clear view of The Character Traits of the Wicked, David gives us something else that may be even more powerful than that to our armory of Christian Tactics. It is an Attack Plan against our antagonists. But be clear about what is actually happening here.

David is not asking God to give him the Strength to destroy his enemies. He is asking God to subdue them for him. David isn’t praying for the Power of Vengeance. He is requesting Divine Intervention as only God can provide it. Nothing can resist it when He enacts His Retribution, which brings me to Today’s Lesson.

When facing situations that you cannot overcome, THIS is how to approach God, whether they are tangible, real-world enemies, physical ailments, or spiritual wickedness from high places! This Passage proves that God recognizes and accepts our anger, frustration, and angst just as readily as He acknowledges our Praise.

He wants us to engage with Him regardless of when, why, or how. The only thing we need to remember is the Respect that He’s due. The Word is our Blueprint for approaching Him to receive what we ask for. David shows us how to ask, what to say, and how to approach God when we require His Intervention.

To know how to activate God’s Will is to have access to Unlimited Ultimate Power at its grandest scale — and understanding how to direct that Power where it is needed, is essential. No one full of Wisdom points a weapon haphazardly. Therefore, considering that our Armament is a “nuclear warhead,” it is imperative that we utilize and aim it correctly. When employing God’s Power, you don’t want collateral damage! Be specific, detailed, and intentional with your requests.

Developing that Knowledge can make the difference between victory and defeat. But you must know how to apply prayer properly to get the most out of it. God will give us what we ask for, even sometimes when it’s not good for us. This Passage teaches us to be intentional and specific when we pray, which is how we should always approach Him. Otherwise, you may end up with an outcome you did not anticipate.

So, be smart about how you come at God. That is where “Studying to Show Yourself Approved” becomes essential. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s right here in this Chapter. Find God’s Promises in His Word and quote them back to Him. Tell Him about your specific issue and what you want to be done about it. Praise Him for the finished work before you see it done. That is the path to Answered Prayer, so are you heading in the right direction?

Have a Terrific Tuesday, FB, and Remember, Prayer Can Be A Weapon, So Be Sure You Know How To Use It Right!

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