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Single Shot


2. The wicked arrogantly hunt down the poor. Let them be caught in the evil they plan for others.

Psalm 10:2 NLT

Today’s Passage continues the thought David wrote in Verse one, though, with a different focus. Whereas first, he was looking at God’s apparent nonreaction to his trouble, now David is looking at the actions of those who seek to harm him that were the catalyst of his plea.

There will come times in our lives as Children and Followers of God when the people that hate God will take their hatred out on the only ones they can; us. They cannot touch God to show Him their emotions, so they cast their vitriol toward us.

Then, there are some who will try and take advantage of anyone they deem weaker than themselves. Anyone they think they can overcome, they do, as long as they are not in danger of being caught. When those individuals seek us harm in each of those situations, those who know to call on God for help inevitably do so.

That is the focus of this Chapter, but not of this particular Verse; it is the setup for what is coming next. Why is David so distressed? He has to watch the wicked prey on poor and weak people, not to mention dealing with his own mistreatment. For a Follower of God, that kind of situation simply cannot stand and still sit well with our spirits.

Why is this? We have the Spirit of God dwelling in us, and His Spirit cannot abide injustice. When we, as Christians, see injustice anywhere in any form, it should activate God’s Justified Revulsion within us.

At that point, regardless of our position, we begin to grind against the inequality we see, even if it’s just in fervent prayer. But in David’s day, if you saw a threat and it was a danger to you or your tribe, you hunted it down and killed it with extreme prejudice.

David sees the issues pressing against him and his people and seeks God’s Divine Retribution against those causing the trouble he is experiencing. David prays for those who prey on the weak to fall into their own traps, the ones they set to snare the unwary.

We need to have the very same attitude regarding the trouble that faces us in our lives. When we perceive an obstruction that comes against any of us, it is an attack against all of us.

The enemy is not going to stop with just them. When he’s concluded there, you’re next. That is why we attack the evil we see even when it is not aimed at us…yet. Because you never know when it will be, so prepare to dispel every bit of evil for any reason.

As we continue to look at David’s plea to God, we will see what it looks like to battle evil but keep in mind that we live in a different time. Praying for your enemy instead of murdering them is the Godly move at this point. Kill them with your Love; that is how Jesus did it. But still, be ready for the fight because you can be assured that it is coming whether you’re prepared for it or not!

Have a Superior Sunday, FB, and Address Injustice Wherever you See It, Or The Next Victim May Be You!

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